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Prepare for ETHBerlin Zwei

We’re really excited that you’re joining us. Here are the next steps.

Communication Channels

Let’s get in touch!

  1. Connect with hackers on Riot:
  2. Connect with hackers on StatusIM: #buidlyourberlinteam
  3. Tag us on Twitter @ETHBerlin using the #ETHBerlinZwei hashtag.

Getting to Berlin

On Berlin’s very own web presence you can find information about the airports and stations in Berlin.

Unfortunately ETHBerlin is not able to compensate traveling costs of participants as funding is limited and we’ve decided to allocate the biggest fraction of the funds to the prize pool and organizations of the events itself.

However, there is a limited subsidy on a first-come first-served basis. We encourage everyone to allow those who benefit most make use of these subsidies. To apply please write to us.

Accommodation and Sleeping

The hackathon has a nap room where you can rest, but not make it your home. Beanbags are provided, but sleeping bags are not allowed. If you want a good sleep, then you need to find somewhere else.

There are a variety of accommodation options available in Berlin. From hostels to airbnb flats and hotels. We recommend the districts Treptow, Kreuzberg, Neukölln, or Friedrichshain due to their proximity to the venue.

Again, this year, we have the adopt-a-hacker programme available for people offering and seeking a couch in proximity to the venue. Read more about the programme on our blog: Mass adoption comes in all shapes and sizes: Berlin — ADOPT A HACKER!


If you are a hacker, mentor, registered sponsor, volunteer, judge, or a speaker you don’t need a ticket, just your e-mail confirmation and ID.

DappCon and other Berlin Blockchain week tickets are not valid for the ETHBerlin hackathon.

Don’t have a ticket? Apply to hack here! Or become a volunteer!

Hackathon Schedule

On Friday (August 23rd) at 22:00 the opening ceremony accompanied by dinner and drinks, and team formation will take place. The Hackathon kicks off at midnight (00:00 on August 24th).

Link to the schedule: google/spreadsheets/d/1RAPeTP1WurV57uwzm8YS9MRn2lnQ5XK9rRlfJ3cPYDc

Food and Drinks

ETHBerlin Zwei will cover all meals and drinks for the entire Hackathon, and conference coffee breaks. Just come with an open mind, a knowledge-thirsty brain and enthusiasm.

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