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Hackers and team formation

Hackers of the event, self-organize!! (maximum 5 people per team)

Hacking rules

Minimum requirements to be judged


If you are not already registered for the hackathon, you can register here, or at the following locations and times.

There’s no need to register your team or idea upfront. Teams are registered when you submit to Devpost on Sunday. See more details below.

Team building

The team formation and hackathon kick-off will happen at midnight in Courtyard 1 where the food is. Don’t be shy. The community is open and everyone attending shares a passion for building open source technologies.

You can also:

Consider it as a way to meet like-minded people and discuss building teams, however this does not replace the official team registration on Devpost!

Once you have formed teams, sign up for ETHBerlin Zwei on Devpost and submit your teams and projects:

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