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SKALE is an Ethereum Compatible network of elastic sidechains that allow to run dApps at Web2 speeds with sub-second block times while staying fully decentralized. With one SKALE integration developers get access to full stack of Ethereum infrastructure and can run smart contracts alongside their dApp data in one high-performance environment.


SKALE is fully interoperable with Ethereum Mainnet and is very easy to deploy to. SKALE is a full stack high-performance decentralized environment that provides:

Prizes Offered

6 prizes to best dApps deployed to SKALE or using capabilities of SKALE’s decentralized stack (smart contract scaling, FileStorage, Interchain Transfer)

  1. 500 EUR
  2. 500 EUR
  3. 500 EUR
  4. 500 EUR
  5. 1000 EUR
  6. 1000 EUR

Getting Started

To receive an elastic sidechain:

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