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Build Remix Plugins


Remix is a powerful, open source tool that helps you write Solidity contracts straight in the browser. Written in JavaScript, Remix supports both usage in the browser and locally.

Remix also supports testing, debugging and deploying of smart contracts and much more.

We spend quite a lot of time this year to build a nice framework that run on top of Remix IDE and allow anyone to enhance its functionnality. From now on any external team can propose and add new features in Remix. It is also planned in the future to not be limited to Remix IDE but to be able to integrate with other platform (more coming soon).


So let’s build something fun and useful with it ;) You are free to come with any plugin you want and that does anything you want. We will be here for helping and supporting you if you need a new API, some help, or just talking stuff. here is the current API


We are at the moment designing a new logo and during this process got a lot of artworks and we would like to release to you some of them. The logo will be attached to a specific ether.card and associated with an Non Fungible Token -

We will have around 15 cards to release to the most fun and useful plugin ;)

Getting Started

Please check out You will find there:

You can of course reach use at the event or in