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A proxy re-encryption network to empower privacy in decentralized systems.

The NuCypher network facilitates end-to-end encrypted data sharing for distributed apps and protocols. Access permissions are baked into the underlying encryption, and access can only be explicitly granted by the data owner via sharing policies. Consequently, the data owner has ultimate control over access to their data. At no point is the data decrypted nor can the underlying private keys be determined by the NuCypher network.

Under the hood, the NuCypher network uses the Umbral threshold proxy re-encryption scheme to provide cryptographic access control.


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Getting Started


Install Nucypher

pip3 install -U nucypher

Run a Federated-Only Development Ursula

nucypher ursula run --dev --federated-only

Configure a Persistent Ursula

nucypher ursula init --federated-only

Run a Persistent Ursula

nucypher ursula run --network <NETWORK_DOMAIN> --teacher-uri <SEEDNODE_URI> --federated-only

Replace <NETWORK_DOMAIN> with the network domain and <SEEDNODE_URI> with the URI of a node running on that network domain you want to connect to (for example or 0xdeadbeef@

If you’re connecting to the devnet, you should use --network devnet --teacher-uri

Run a Geth-Connected Development Ursula

Run a local geth node in development mode:

geth --dev

Run a local development Ursula connected to the geth node

nucypher ursula run --dev --provider-uri ipc:///tmp/geth.ipc --checksum-address <GETH_DEV_ADDRESS>

Replace <GETH_DEV_ADDRESS> with the geth node’s public checksum address.

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