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The Algorand blockchain is a ‘Pure Proof of Stake’ blockchain based on voting and registration mechanisms with Verifiable Random Functions (VRF). Leveraging these features results in near-instant transaction finality and true decentralization with respect to economic throughput and incentives.


The bounty will require a team of at least one. To get started, please stop by the Algorand table and say hello to the team.


Using any of our dev tools qualifies your team for prizes. However, the judging team will give preference to teams that demonstrate creative competence by:

  1. Using one of the SDK’s
  2. Writing to and read from the notefield in a transaction
  3. Using multiple dev tools

An example solution would be to: Build a solution for easy account management using one our SDK’s, the solution should be able to:

Prizes Offered

  1. Best Overall Application
  2. Best User-Experience Application
  3. Best In-Theme Application

Evaluation Team

The evaluation team is comprised of members of the Algorand product and developer relations team. We are here for: Helping on technical questions and better understanding our technology stack with respect to your hackathon application Selecting the 4 winning teams that will receive our prizes and get recognition on socials! Advising you on getting more involved in our amazing community and ecosystem We are @samabbassi (Sam), @RussFustino (Russ), @the_baraness (Liz)

Getting Started

Here is a Lab Exercise and Sample Code on getting started for the Hackathon. The Lab Exercise document can be viewed with Word or Google Docs.

Get your own node up and running, please refer to our docs

Need Help

Example solutions:

Community Resources: