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Experiences at ETHBerlin Zwei

ETHBerlin Zwei is an experience.

Here’s what you can explore around Factory Berlin in-between crisp bottles of Club Mate:

Culture Room

Featuring artworks by a variety of artists and open to the public, the culture room will feed the creative side of your hacker soul and provide a space for interdisciplinary discourse.

Jeff Goldbloom Cinema

Enter the Goldbloom. All weekend the Jeff Goldbloom Cinema will be featuring exclusively feature films starring the best actor to have ever graced the silver screen.

DAGatha Christie Presents: “The Spy Who Staked Me”

Hone your powers of observation and inference; solve puzzles to get real rewards, but beware the sunk cost fallacy and law of diminishing returns. This is a crypto twist on the classic escape room game, where players must solve puzzles to complete the story.

The Hardware Lab

Arduinos, multimeters, and soldering stations in the hardware lab can help you bring your project into the real world. NBT has opened up their hardware lab for hackers to (respectfully) use the tools it contains.

The Cryptoeconomics Lab

Learn about mechanism design, coordination breakdown, and re-fungible cryptographic icons. The Cryptoeconomics lab will have ongoing games and workshops to help you solve your #molochproblems.

The CELO bar

Does what it says on the tin. Take a break while your code is compiling and come have a cocktail courtesy of CELO.

Chill out areas

If you need to recharge your meatspace batteries, take a power nap in a quiet, secluded room with beanbags and ambient lighting.

Cryptoartlab Silkscreen Experience

Bring your tshirts, jackets, bags, whatever you want, and have them silkscreened by the cypherpunk artist Martin Fischer of

Tarot Cards of tech

It is important to fully consider the impact of your hacks. Laying the tarot cards of tech for your project can help. They can also reveal opportunities for creating positive change. Please ask at the help-desk for them.

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